The News and Obituary Index

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The York County Library has selectively indexed the local newspapers for articles of interest to genealogists and local historians. Topics include events; historic homes and buildings; businesses; schools; churches; street, road and historic district names; obituaries and stories of prominent citizens. This is an index and does not contain the text of the articles.

The News and Obituary Index is drawn from the microfilm and clipping files of York County newspapers that are held in the Local History Collection of the York County Library, 138 E. Black St., Rock Hill, SC. Generally, this is an index and does not include the text of the obituary. Some of the articles from the clipping file were microfilmed in the late 1970s, digitized and uploaded to the Internet in 2007-08. A small percentage of these articles contain text of obituaries and generally fall between the years of 1940 and 1980. But they are not all inclusive. These articles are available online at in the Newspaper Article, Manuscript, and Church History Database. In addition to the obituaries, there may be articles about prominent residents.

Copies of those not online may be obtained in person at the Main Library of York County Library in Rock Hill or by request at any branch of the York County Library or through York County Library’s Ask–A–Librarian service. There may be reproduction fees involved. For information on scope of materials and services offered in the Local History Area of the Main Library, see the Local History page.

NOTE: State law requiring the publication of an obituary varies from state to state. There is no provision in SC law requiring publication of a death notice.

The following newspapers are York County, SC, publications. The dates of inclusion are as indicated.

  • Rock Hill Herald, Evening Herald and The Herald: January 8, 1880 to date (indexing in progress).
  • Rock Hill Journal: June 5, 1901 – January 26, 1904 (indexing complete).
  • Rock Hill Record: February 2, 1904 – May 1, 1930 (indexing complete).
  • Fort Mill Times: 1887 – 1999.
  • Yorkville Pioneer: 1823 – 1824 (indexing complete).
  • Yorkville Encyclopedia: 1825 – 1826 (indexing complete).
  • Yorkville Miscellany: 1851 – 1854 (indexing complete).
  • Yorkville Enquirer: (The Library owns various reels that contain incomplete runs and overlapping years of The Yorkville Enquirer.)
          1855 (indexing complete)
          1855 - 1884 (indexing complete)
          1858 - 1862 (indexing complete)
          1867 - 1863 (indexing complete)
          1863 - 1867 (indexing complete)
  •       1918 (indexing complete)
  • Yorkville Remedy : 1853 (indexing complete).


  1. Names with titles are listed as Last, First, Initial (Title). Example: Thomas, John A. (Sgt).
  2. Names with Jr., Sr., III, are listed as Last, First, Initial, Jr. Example: Thomas, John A., Jr.
  3. Female names are listed as Last, First, Maiden (if known) (Mrs. Initial, Initial). Example: Thomas, Jane Jones (Mrs. J.A.). If husband’s first name is known, it may read (Mrs. John A.).
  4. Names with missing or illegible letters are shown with an * where the missing or illegible letters are.
  5. Missing first names are indicated by five dashes. Example: Thomas, -----.
  6. Nicknames, if included in the obituary, are enclosed in quotations. Example: Thomas, John A. “Bud.”